Wolf Creek Lodge

Ok, so… My RC Park has become a major destination for road side America travelers around the world… Well maybe not, but I do like to camp & there is no flat ground near my house and I like remembering my childhood days so….

I’m working on plans for a full size camping shelter for Wolf Creek.

I’ve modified my original scale model plans for a full size 1:1. I made a couple of structural changes (One of the benefits of making a model first) and modeled it in CAD. It’s a little smaller, 8′ x 10′.

Theme will be Long Lake, Wisconsin in the 60’s. Here is the story:

I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago in the 60’s & early 70’s. No hippie stuff, my Dad was an engineer for General Motors Delco division. It was classic Americana, cocktail parties; Eames inspired furniture, hi-fis, Schwinn Stingrays and GI Joes.

My Dad bought a cabin in the North woods of Wisconsin in 1968. There was no running water & a beautiful crystal clear glacier formed lake.

Our Neighbor, Mr. Jakubowski, was a Polish plumber from Chicago who lived to fish for Muskie. He always had a cigar in one hand and a Leinenkugel in the other. He started celebrating 4th of July at 6:00 am with a 1/4 scale cannon. He would spend the bulk of the day, drinking beer, dropping explosives in an iron pipe stuck in the ground, plopping a tennis ball on top, yelling “Fire in the hole!” and watching as the tennis ball shot hundreds of feet in the air over the lake. He had commrads, they were all plumbers and they all had hard hats with their names on them.

We called him Jake and spent 4th of July out in the lake in small aluminum boats with outboard motors, chasing the balls as they came down. Teams of two in each boat, one at the tiller of the outboard, one catching balls. Sometimes there were 20+ boats out in front of his cabin on the 4th.

At night, everyone settled in for an hour long fireworks display that culminated in a 25′ string of blackcats strung up in a tree that when lit, lasted for 5-7 minutes and lit up every second by the flashes, the kids would run around pretending we were in old fashion movies.

I didn’t fish. Neither did my Dad. But Muskie and walleye fishing permeated the landscape of northern Wisconsin. I was into exploration and Jacque Cousteau. I spent my summer days snorkeling and later, SCUBA diving the unexplored depths of Long Lake. I recovered priceless artifacts including old beer bottles, rusting fishing poles and countless lures snagged in the weeds.

Another Character from my Long Lake days was Max. His memory was part of the inspiration to name our first son Max. Max was a classically trained German violinist with the Chicago symphony who quit and moved to “God’s Country”, opened and ran a bar/resort where the Juke box was loaded with Polka songs, and if you played one, Max would pull out his violin and serenade the bar. We would go over in the evening by boat, sit on old diner stools at the bar, the parents would drink beer, and we would drink soda and ogle over the 5” Daredevle Muskie spoons in the fishing tackle display case and then fall asleep to the drone of the outboard motor on my Dad’s ’61 Lonestar boat on the way back to the cabin sometimes, getting an ever so slight glimpse of the Northern lights.

So, I’m trying to recreate this all in a shelter, in my rock garden, in Virginia.

Wish me luck.

I have ordered this sign with “Wolf Creek” at the top.

Also have my eye on a 40″ Muskie mount.

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