3D CAD Model and Construction Drawings

The drawings and accompanying instructions are well detailed. The plan drawings are 1”=2” and are on 24”x36” sheets. I annotated all dimensions and used large text so they could be printed on 11”x17” sheets from a desktop printer if someone wishes not to incur the expense of having them printed full size.

I’ve included some screen shots below so you can get an idea of the information included. There are dimensions on the pieces themselves and dimensions for drawing match lines for all the adjoining pieces on both sides of a particular piece.

The instructions outline construction step by step and include helpful information on materials, tools and techniques and provided detailed photos and illustrations for all steps.

The advantage of creating a construction plan set from a 3D model is that you essentially build the model digitally first, so mistakes and mistakes have already been worked out. So the plans are derived from a working model and they’ve been “test driven” through the construction of my own model.

An added benefit of a 3D CAD model is the ability to play with colors and façade treatments and produce renderings so as to get a feel for the finished model.

Here are some of my favorite renderings:

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