1953 Wayne Gas Pump

This is a 1953 Wayne 505 Dual Product Gas Pump. This has been a challenge but I am pleased to say this is one extremely detailed, very scale, rendition of a classic vintage gas pump from the 50’s. The kit is roughly 45 3D printed pieces and to complete the model, I have additional pieces, 1/8″ I.D., 1/32″ Wall black surgical tubing for the hose, 1/32″ stainless steel 7×7 wire rope for the retract cable, 0.015″ clear PVC for windows, laser printed water slide decals, and more…if you whip out your credit card and order before midnight tonight….. maybe…. I don’t know yet. I’m not quite finished yet but figured I needed to start pimping my pump.

I have designed, and redesigned this from a modeler’s perspective, then redesigned it from a modeler using 3D Printing technology for the first time’s perspective.

I wanted to design a kit that would allow painting with minimal masking so as to create a super clean detailed look when painted. I’ve found that to achieve a smooth surface, sanding is necessary. So, I’ve designed the pieces to be modular and nested. pieces that need to be smooth are accessible for sanding and next inside others that can be painted separately. I’m experimenting with different materials. The detail you see in the nozzle and electrical box are “frosted ultra detail”. Expensive… but you can create detail down to 0.1 mm. And that’s small.

I’ll start with the finished pump and work backwords, i.e. scroll to the bottom to see the pieces.






The Design:




Parts is parts:





Water slide decals:


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