Shasta Astrodome

Shasta models:


The Airflyte was released to the public in 1958. It was 16 feet long and purported to have 50 improvements to Shasta’s previous number series, such as the 1400, 1500 and 1600, which were considered precursors to the Airflyte. The Airflyte had more windows, a sleeker design, and “wings”–small wing-like ornaments on the top rear portion of the trailer, which gave the Airflyte a signature look. Coachmen produces a modern Airflyte that combines stainless steel appliances and other modern furnishings with the Airflyte’s retro look.


The Deluxe was released the same year as the Airflyte, 1958. It was bigger than the Airflyte, however, at 19 feet. The Deluxe also had a toilet and shower, making it self-contained. It was 9 feet wide and, like the Airflyte, had wings. The wings were made from aluminum and wood. The Deluxe also had a wooden screen door.


The Astrodome was released in 1962. Like the Airflyte and Deluxe, it had the signature wings. The Astrodome came with a toilet and a cabover bed–a bed placed above the cab, or driver’s and passenger’s seat, of the vehicle. The Astrodome was only produced until 1964.

Continental or SC

The Continental was originally called the SC, which stands for self-contained. The SC had the same external plan as the Airflyte and was 16 feet long. But the SC came with a toilet, whereas the Airflyte did not. A more expensive SC, called the SCS, which stands for self-contained with shower, included a shower. The SC also had a bed across the length of the trailer, while the Airflyte’s bed was in the front.

This Project is going to  be soon.

Shasta 1962 Astroflyte 1-10 Template

Vintage Shasta Trailer Forums

4 comments on “Shasta Astrodome”

  1. That’s a beautiful Shasta up there at the top. (<: Maybe one day we can both visit in person(Me and my Shasta) I'm famous!!!!!!!!

    Pete Whitley
    Atlanta, Ga

    • Thanks Pete! I looked through a lot of Shasta pics on the internet before settling on yours to model after. You did a really nice job on it!

  2. How did your Shasta build turn out? I was only able to see some early pictures but can’t seem to view any of the others.

    • Well… it’s in limbo. I got stuck on the siding. I felt like the beveled horizontal siding was critical to the look and I haven’t come up with a way of doing it. I designed it in my computer to be 3D printed but very $. A lot of my projects sit for a while but I will pick it up again.

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