Medieval Castle

Focal Length:4.5mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

This is an idea that came to me after purchasing a 1:8 scale Revell Mummy model to display at Holloween. The idea is to create a open courtyard type of castle with cut stone and integrate stone roads and bridges into the design so that we can drive scale trucks through the model. I want the castle to able to be decorated for Holloween and Christmas.

I’m going to design a series of templates in CAD for modular “cut stone” building blocks. I’ll make them out of wood since it is a medium I’m comfortable working with and have the tools to work with and it’s fairly inexpensive.

Then I’ll make a mold of them and cast building blocks in concrete. My building and bridge designs will all incorporate the standard sizes and configurations that I’ve created the blocks in.

Once I have a collection of concrete “cut stone” blocks I can build anything in scale cut stone.

Step 1, will be coming up with ideas. For my project, a castle, I am going to get the DK castle book. DK series often use models for their book pictures & are a good series of books to get ideas from on a range of topics.

Step 2, once I have a rough idea of what I’m going to build, is to play around with the idea in CAD & come up with my modular building block dimensions. The intention is to come up with standard building block dimensions that can be assembled in a variety of ways so that I’m not custom crafting each cut stone. Think building with Legos.

Step 3, Create the blocks in wood.

Step 4, Make a mold of the blocks

Step 5, Cast concrete building blocks from the molds.

I’ll get to these in more detail when I get to them.

I’m a tad out of sequence here but I wanted to research step 4 first since I haven’t made molds at all before.

I contacted Smooth-On for advice on creating my molds.

After talking with them about this project, I’m going to use VytaFlex® Urethane Rubber with a shore A hardness factor of 40. The latter is an index of how flexible the cured mold will be. Number 10 is very soft and easy to pull off of intricate models. 60 is fairly rigid & stands on its own well but is difficult to get detailed models to release from the mold.

Here is a link to the VytaFlex Products.

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