Oil drums

Focal Length:11.7mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Scale oil drums are pretty easy to make. You can find a can size that is to your liking & it helps to find somthing that’s palettable. I like this 3 pack of tuna for size:

after eating the tuna, I cleaned them out real well, use goo-be-gone to get the labels out, wash them again and then let them dry good.

Fill one can with sand. this will add weight to the bottom & keep them from getting knocked around like… well… tin cans.

Glue three together with JB Weld or some type of high strength glue with the sand one at the bottom.

Weights will help while the glue dries:

This step is optional but you can use some sort of putty to fill in the seams on the cans and then sand smooth:

Tops are made from styrene sheet. sand to fit & glue in to the top of the cans:

I make the openings from styrene & then paint them with Krylon spray paint.

Google “brand name” oil drum & sort images by size. get a large logo & copy and pasted into a word document and then print to white vinyl sticker paper on a laser jet printer.

use a little black wash and/or weathering of your choice:

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