Scale signs

Focal Length:5.85mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

My Scale signs are pretty easy to make. It does help to have access to a laserjet printer. But if you have to use an inkjet, make sure you get sticker paper for that purpose.

First, I cut the legs out of 1/4″ square poplar from Lowes. At this point, decide whether the post will stick in the ground or need to be propped up by braces on the legs. It helps to have a miter box if you plan to do the latter.

Nest, the hard part or easy part depending on what software you have access to and/or know how to use. Create your graphic and print it to sticker paper.

I use AutoCAD to do my graphics and then print using white vinyl sticker paper using a laserjet printer. laser jets use toner and heat to fuse colors on rather than an inkjet which uses ink. vinly holds up to outdoor use and most printers don’t print the color white, so use white paper if you want white.

Next, get some plexiglass from Lowes in the window section. I like clear so that when I cut, I can see the graphic underneath. Make sure to get the cheap stuff. the good stuff isn’t neccessary and it’s much harder to cut.

Lay the plexiglass over the graphic and use a straight edge and a hobby knife with a new blade to score the sheet & then break it to get the size you want for your sign.

Next, position the posts, mark where the screw holes will be on the plexiglass, drill the holes with a 1/8″ bit & use a Dremel tool with a rounded grinder bit to “counter sink” the screw hole. Drill some smaller pilot holes in the posts using a smaller diameter drill bit and using #4 3/8″ brass wood screws, attach the plexiglass to the posts. Make sure everything is square.

Position the sticker and done, scale sign.

Click here to get a letter size PDF of RC Signs that you can print out on any printer on white vinyl sticker paper:


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