Alternative themed Slot Car Tracks

Leku Slot & Drift-Raid Smoking Team. These guys are taking slot cars to new alternative levels… Very original and creative. I really like detailed scenery and some of theirs doesn’t quite cut it with me but they’ve clearly taken the driving aspect to new levels and when you do that… scenery get’s beat up… not to mention dumping baking flour over your entire layout is easier to clean up afterwards when you use inexpensive plastic props and waded up paper for landscaping.

Leku Slot & Drift Snow Rally:

More snow rally from Leku Slot, check out the air time @ 1:04

Leku Slot & Drift Dakar Rally

Mexican Scrapyard Rally diorama layout:

Futuristic City train & car layout:

Sled Dog racing:

Vintage Slot Car racing with Batman & Robin:

Vintage Thunderjet Commercial:

Music Video: The Reach Around Rodeo Clowns, The King of the Slot Car Track:

The Slot Man

American Pickers find vintage Thunder Jets

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