Slot Mods Videos

Slot Mods… When money is no object and only the best will do. These guys custom design and make analog wood routed slot car tracks for clients. Not my cup of tea since money is an object and I enjoy designing and building them myself not to mention… I like the digital features.

But their creations are stunning to say the least. Note the road surface painting, period accurate buildings and cars, the smoothness and flow of the overall design, their specially designed trees that look realistic but allow one to see the track well from above. A true work of art. Jay Leno has a Slot Mod layout in his basement.

Martin Raceway:

Cloverleaf Raceway:

Victor Seca Raceway:

Autoweek’s Proving Ground:

Abrams’ Reliable Raceway:

Lemay Museum Raceway:

Slot Car Tracks built inside a real car:

Porsche 917:

1969 Camaro:

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